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Davina-Carolin, young pianist from Germany, makes recording debut

By Joe Ross (cdinsight):

A young pianist from Germany, Davina-Carolin Hecks has released ‘Comptine D’un Autre Été, L’après-Midi (Large Version) – From Amélie.’ Only a teen, Davina-Carolin plays the well-known piano piece in such a lovely way that it has hit potential. This exciting new release offers a very beautiful cover version of the wonderful movie theme out of “Amelie from Montmartre” composed by Yann Tiersen and Michael Wolz (see You Tube for TheChiefEmperor). It is played in the so-called large version as a solo piano track and in an exciting chill out mix.

One can never tell where great music will spring forth from. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sometimes the recourse is a musical family. In this case, Davina-Carolin is the daughter of Richard Hecks and his wife, Gundy. Richard Hecks is leader and lead guitar player of the famous nouveau flamenco band Luna Blanca. This instrumental group was presented the “Best World Album 2012” award at ZMR in New Orleans for the CD El Dorado. Richard’s wife Gundy was featured on the Goa Chill out Zone Vol. 5 singing her song “Freedom in Your Soul.” And now their daughter shows some very talented piano playing which is smooth, lovely and heartfelt. The teen’s approach to music is much like her father’s as these same words have been used to describe Richard’s guitar playing with the band, Luna Blanca.

For her first release, Davina-Carolin appears with a new cover version of the song “Comptine d’Un Autre Été – Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie [Large Version 2010]” as played in the famous You Tube video by the same name. The so-called large version is an extension from the original piece played by Yann Tiersen. After 2:22 minutes, the song gets very beautiful new extensions played and composed by Michael Wolz, on YouTube known as TheChiefEmperor. Davina-Carolin plays it in a much laid back style giving the music time to connect straight with your heart. The Steinway grand piano sounds mellow and beautiful.

For the completely new “awesome” chill out mix, Davina-Carolin's piano playing gets accompanied by the nouveau flamenco band Luna Blanca with a warm bass and a little bit of drums and congas giving a slightly new age feeling, a perfect sound for relaxing. The music was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Clemens Paskert and Richard Hecks at Capitol Sound Studios, Bocholt, Germany. It’s available at iTunes, Amazon and other stores.

I nearly cried when I listened to it...just plain beautiful.

Peggy Nagel, volunteer programmer,
KAFM Grand Junction:

“Thank you for sending me the disc.  I have to tell you, I nearly cried when I listened to it.  It is just plain beautiful.  The first cut is quite moving.  I like the fullness, though, of the second rendition.  Davina-Carolin is quite a talented young lady.  I hope she continues to follow her dreams.”

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